Don Tigert Rip Off Report Search part 1

Don Tigert Rip Off Report Search

Don Tigert Scam Report Search

A complete search was done on Don Tigert or Donald Tigert regarding Baccarat, Baccarat Teaching and Baccarat Books.
Through our search which consists of searching the top 4 Search Engines and Blogs found an over all positive rating on Don Tigert or Donald Tigert. There is another Don Tigert from Texas but not related to Baccarat or Baccarat Teaching or Baccarat Books.

Our search also shows Don Tigert has written 2 books on the Topic of Baccarat and has sold thousands of copies over a 10 year period, exact number of books sold was not obtained but shows to be in the thousands of copies. (2) Blogs and/or Gamblers Chat/Forum(s) findings uncovered a more positive rating than negative. Our reports with the 2 Gamblers Chat/Forum(s) show the name Don Tigert or Don Tigert relating to Baccarat appeared 59 times with the breakdown as follows:

Don Tigert (56) Positive Comment(s)
Don Tigert (3) Negative Comments)
Don Tigert (59) Total Comments)
97% Positive Rating

Don Tigert is quoted at various times stating the following:

“I am very proud of my reputation. It’s not easy to do what I do which is Train someone Face to Face, One on One then after the training putting your money where your mouth is and going to the Casino and playing Baccarat together with the Student”
“Having thousands of Book Members and a hundreds of Baccarat Seminar Training Students, and to have only 3 or 4 negative comments, that is amazing and speaks loudly to my teaching results and the unlimited support that I give to all my students”.